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We also have an e-edition, which is a digital replica of the day’s print newspaper you can read on your computer, tablet or phone.


On your phone

Download our app (available here for iOS and here for Android) and allow notifications if you’d like to receive updates from us on your phone. With different settings for news, weather, sports, entertainment, business and more you can customize which type of notifications you receive.

  • Tap the alerts icon toward the bottom right of the app
  • Select “Customize alert settings”
  • Choose which topics you’re interested in: Top News, Sports, Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox, College sports, Entertainment, Business, Weather, Nation & World, News Briefings and Daily eNewspaper

We’ll let you know when there’s big breaking news happening, and also share our editors’ top picks so you see the best of what the Tribune has to offer.

We also send notifications in Apple News, if you have an iOS device and prefer to get your updates there.

  • Under the “channels” tab, search for “Chicago Tribune” in the Apple News app
  • Select our channel
  • Tap the heart in the upper right corner to see Tribune stories in your feed
  • Return to the “channels” tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “manage notifications”
  • Make sure you have notifications enabled for the Tribune’s channel

In your inbox

Tribune editors put together free newsletters on a variety of topics:

  • Ask Amy: No-nonsense advice for better living delivered to your inbox every morning
  • Afternoon Briefing: Top story picks, delivered to your inbox each afternoon
  • Brad Biggs’ 10 Thoughts: The weekly Bears breakdown you need to read
  • Chicago Sports: A daily update on Chicago sports, delivered weekday mornings
  • Daywatch: Start each weekday with our top stories
  • Eat. Watch. Do.: What to eat. What to watch. What you need to live your best life ... now, delivered twice a week
  • The Spin: Your essential take on local politics, delivered weekday afternoons
  • Vintage Chicago Tribune: A deep dive into the Chicago Tribune’s archives
  • Working Lunch: The latest business news headlines, delivered midday weekdays
  • Daily Southtown: News updates from the south suburbs delivered every Monday and Wednesday
  • Lake County News Sun: News updates from Lake County delivered every Monday and Wednesday
  • Post Tribune: News updates from Northwest Indiana delivered every Monday and Wednesday
  • Naperville Sun: News updates from the Naperville area delivered every Monday and Wednesday

In addition to newsletters, we can also email to let you know when breaking news is happening or we have an exclusive scoop. You can sign up to receive any combination of:

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On your web browser

Afternoon Briefing


Chicago Tribune editors' top story picks, delivered to your inbox each afternoon.

Stay on top of the news all day with our web notifications. We’ll let you know — right in your web browser — when there’s big breaking news happening, and also share our editors’ top picks so you see the best of what the Tribune has to offer.

On social media

Connect with us on social media to get updates from the Tribune on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t want to miss a thing, here’s how to make sure you see the Trib’s posts first in your Facebook newsfeed:

  • Navigate to the Chicago Tribune's Facebook page
  • Click on “Following” at the top (you might have to first click on “...” if you’re on a mobile device)
  • Select “See First”

We also have several Facebook groups where you can join communities of readers who are interested in the same topics, from the Bears to Chicagoland history.

We share our photojournalists’ work and news from the newsroom on the @chicagotribune Instagram account, as well as @chitribsports and @chitribfood, and you can see photos from our archives on the @vintagetribune account.